Shrines are strategic capture points that grant bonuses or "buffs" to all Guardians on a team when controlled. Bonuses include improved Damage Resistance and Health Regeneration.



  • There are four Shrines located along the central axis in the 3-lane map. Two Healing Shrines are located in the northern and southern tips of the map. Two Resistance Shrines are located just above and below the middle lane.
  • There are two Healing Shrines available in the 1-lane map, each located next to each team's middlest tower.
  • Each Healing Shrine provides a global 2hp/sec buff to your team. Meanwhile, each Resistance Shrine grants a global 4% buff to both Ability and Basic Resistances.
  • The other benefit to controlling Shrines is that they provide limited Line of Sight in the vicinity around them. This can be a very useful reason for controlling the Resistance Shrines, as they will provide some forewarning for enemy ambushes either coming from, or headed to the middle lane.


  • To capture a Shrine, players must stand within its radius for several seconds until the blue meter completely fills. The more friendly Guardians clustered around the Shrine, the faster you capture it.
  • Shrines stack, meaning if a team controls all four Shrines in a 3-lane map, the entire team will be receiving 4hp/sec and 8% increased Ability and Basic Resistance.
  • Enemies disrupt Shrine capture while within the radius of the Shrine and immediately interrupt channeling when entering range. Shrines cannot be captured while within range of an opposing player.
  • Shrines can be recaptured by opposing teams at any time.


The team that controls the majority of the Healing Shrines early will have a much more dominant laning phase, which will help give them an advantage as they progress in the later stages of the battle.

As the game stretches into the later phases of the game, the Resistance Shrines become an important asset to control for damage reduction that can really help keep Guardians alive while big abilities are flying all over the screen.