"Don't underestimate old Radagast!"
Radagast Model
Faction: Good
Class: Enchanter
Cost: 5000
Base Stats
Survivability: GBar01 GBar02 GBar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar03
Basic Damage: RBar01 RBar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar03
Ability Damage: OBar01 OBar02 OBar02 OBar02 OBar03 Bar03
Difficulty: BBar01 BBar01 BBar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar03
Misc. Stats
Attack Resistance %:
Ability Resistance %:
Movement Speed %:
Attacks Per Second:
Attack Speed Bonus %:
Radagast, one of the Maiar, is also known as the Brown Wizard and has an exceptional knowledge of the fauna and birds of Middle-earth. Hailing from Valinor in the Third Age, his original name was Aiwendil, meaning “bird-friend” in Elvish. He would go on to advise Gandalf the Grey before being unwittingly used by Saruman to lure Gandalf to Orthanc, ultimately leading to his capture during the War of the Ring. His fate after the War of the Ring remains unknown.

Ability Name Ability Description AP Ratio
Vibrant Glade

Radagast Vibrant Glade

Increases Radagast's attack speed and reduces duration of crowd-control effects.

Medium range area effect that persists for 5 seconds, Radagast and Ally Guardians gain increased Attack Speed by 16%/20%/24%/30% and reduced Controlling Effects by 20%/32%/46%60% each second inside area. This Ability gains no benefit from increased Ability Power.

Blackbird Song

Radagast Blackbird Song

Deals True Damage and Blinds enemy Guardians and creatures.

Close range area effect that persists for 4 seconds, deals 16/24/34/50 True Damage each second inside the area to Enemy Guardians and Creatures, Blinds inside the area. This Ability gains a moderate benefit from increased Ability Power.

Whispering Leaves

Radagast Whispering Leaves

Deals Ability damage and briefly silences target.

Deals 60/90/130/170 Ability Damage to Enemies in Long Range area line attack and briefly silences them for 0.8 seconds. This ability gains a moderate benefit from increased Ability Power.

Roots of Greenwood

Radagast Roots of Greenwood

Roots enemies, slows, and deals Ability damage.

Large-range area effect that persists for 5 seconds, Enemies are Rooted for 1 seconds and dealt 35/40/50/65 Ability Damage in the area. When Root ends, Enemies are slowed by 20%/20%/20%/20% inside the area. This Ability gains a moderate benefit from increased Ability power.


Aura of Rhosgobel

Radagast's Basic Attack deal 12 Ability Damage, and an additional 2 Ability Damage per Radagast's Level to Enemies within a close-range area effect. His Basic Damage Resistance also benefits by 5%. N/A