"Obey, maggots, or you will die!"
Mozgog model
Faction: Evil
Class: Warrior
Cost: 0
Base Stats
Survivability: GBar01 GBar02 GBar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar03
Basic Damage: RBar01 RBar02 RBar02 RBar02 Bar02 Bar03
Ability Damage: OBar01 OBar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar03
Difficulty: BBar01 BBar01 BBar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar03
Misc. Stats
Attack Resistance %: 14
Ability Resistance %: 8
Movement Speed %: 15.2
Attacks Per Second: 1
Attack Speed Bonus %: 0
Orc warriors like Mozgog are by definition those treacherous and brutal enough to claw their way into a position of power. Having killed many jealous Orcs to reach his standing in the armies of Mordor, Mozgog has no friends and many mortal enemies, making him as dangerous as a cornered animal. Forays into Gondor to harry the enemies of Sauron have earned him the loathing of the proud soldiers of the South, but many have fallen seeking revenge. Mozgog can stay in the fight long after others would have bled out, and every swing of Mozgog’s terrible sword may be the end of an enemy.

Ability Name Ability Description AP Ratio
Berserker Rage

Mozgog berserker rage

Temporarily increases own movement speed, attack speed, and health.

Steeling himself for the fight, Mozgog flings himself into battle with an increased Movement Speed of 25% for 5.0 seconds, increased Attack Speed 20%/39%/56%/77% for 5 seconds, and a 15% increase to his health for 5.0 seconds.  This Ability gains no benefit from increased Ability Damage.

Vile Taunt

Mozgog vile taunt

Taunts enemies and reflects damage.

Drawing his enemies to him for the slaughter, Mozgog Taunts Enemies within close range for 1.2 seconds, forcing them to attack him, and Reflects 20%/30%/42%/56% Damage for 5.0 seconds.  This Ability gains no benefit from increased Ability Damage.

Brutal Draught

Mozgog brutal draught

Trades health for increased damage.

Mozgog pauses to drink of his foul spirits, focusing his battle rage and increasing his Basic Attack Damage by 14/27/44/68 for the next 4.0 seconds.  This Ability also trades his fury for 12% of his current Health and reduces all Resistances by 10% for 4.0 seconds.  This Ability gains no benefit from increased Ability Damage.

Bloodied Blade

Mozgog bloodied blade

Area attack with damage and fear.

With all the fury of his kind, Mozgog slams his blade into the battlefield, causing 80/140/230/360 Ability Damage to Enemies within medium range causing Fear for 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8 seconds to those caught within the strike, causing the affected to run uncontrollably.  This Ability gains a large benefit from increased Ability Damage. 



Sustained by the fires of hate, Mozgog has an increased Health Regeneration rate.