The Healing Tower is one of four available tower upgrades in Guardians of Middle-earth. This upgrade becomes available to a player when they reach lvl 12.


The Healing tower radiates a healing aura in the vicinity around the tower. This can be very good for turning that zone in a defensive bulwark that makes it very costly to assault you under. If enemies attempt to assault you under the tower, and you stay in the vicinity of the aura, you will be regaining life while benefiting from the tower’s defensive fire. Additionally, if you are low on life, it can be useful to just run to your nearest tower, upgrade it to a healing tower and then change it back once you are finished recovering. It gives 25 HP (health) regen per secound to anyone within the radius. 

Since there are fewer healing options in 1-lane, the Healing tower can be the premier defensive tower to upgrade to, as it allows you to sustain your attack or defense easier.