Barrow-Wight Lord
"From out of the ancient tombs, I come!"
Barrow-wight model
Faction: Evil
Class: Enchanter
Cost: 5000
Base Stats
Survivability: GBar01 GBar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar03
Basic Damage: RBar01 RBar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar03
Ability Damage: OBar01 OBar02 OBar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar03
Difficulty: BBar01 BBar02 BBar02 BBar02 Bar02 Bar03
Misc. Stats
Attack Resistance %:
Ability Resistance %:
Movement Speed %:
Attacks Per Second:
Attack Speed Bonus %:
Vanquished and twisted by corruption, even in death the Barrow-wight Lord is a powerful remnant of a stalwart line of Men, banished to the Barrow Downs. In life, the Barrow-wight Lord’s power was great, but in death it has been twisted and convoluted into a creature that bears no resemblance to its original form. Seeking only to destroy that which it may have sought to rule or protect in life, death only brings more pain and suffering to the Barrow-wight Lord and those who dare oppose it.

Ability Name Ability Description AP Ratio
Barrow's Torment

Barrow-wight Barrow's Torment

Damages Enemy Guardian or Creature and applies a damage-over-time effect. TBD
Drain the Soul

Barrow-wight Drain the Soul

Steals life from a single target, dealing damage and healing Barrow-Wight. TBD
Chilling Touch

Barrow-wight Chilling Touch

Reduces an Enemy Guardian or Creature's Attack Speed and increases Barrow-Wight's Attack Speed. TBD

Barrow-wight Undeath

Passive: Barrow-Wight remains on the battlefield briefly when killed. While Undead, Barrow-Wight can use Undeath to teleport a short distance and damage enemies. None