"By the might of the Dúnedain!"
Arathorn model
Faction: Good
Class: Warrior
Cost: 5000
Base Stats
Survivability: GBar01 GBar02 GBar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar03
Basic Damage: RBar01 RBar02 RBar02 RBar02 Bar02 Bar03
Ability Damage: OBar01 OBar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar03
Difficulty: BBar01 BBar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar02 Bar03
Misc. Stats
Attack Resistance %: 14
Ability Resistance %: 8
Movement Speed %: 14.8
Attacks Per Second: 1
Attack Speed Bonus %: 0
Father of Aragorn Elessar, Arathorn is a proud Chieftain of the Dunedain, and a descendent of Isildur himself. Arathorn’s father Arador was slain by Trolls, and so Arathorn has a particular repugnance for those creatures of evil. Using the tracking skills of a Ranger of the North, Arathorn stalked the Troll responsible for the deadly blow to a cliff above the windswept Ettenmoors, and singlehandedly slew it after a brutal fight. Deeds like this have earned Arathorn the respect of his proud people and camaraderie of the twin sons of Elrond, Elrohir and Elladan.

Ability Name Ability Description AP Ratio
Staggering Shot

Arathorn staggering shot

Ranged attack with ability damage and stun.

Arathorn lets loose a mighty shot with his bow, striking a single target within medium range for 75/110/145/180 Ability Damage.  This Ability Stuns the Enemy, thwarting them from performing any actions for 1.0/1.3/1.6/1.9 seconds.  This Ability gains a small benefit from increased Ability Damage. 

Dúnedain Blade

Arathorn dblade

Area attack that damages and slows enemies.

Arathorn swings his blade in a furious arc, cutting down Enemies within close range and dealing 10/18/32/48 Ability Damage per second for 5.0 seconds.  This Ability also Slows Enemies by 30%/35%/40%/45% for 3.0 seconds.  This Ability gains a small benefit from increased Ability Damage.

Chieftain's Focus

Arathorn chieftans focus

Damages Guardian or Creature, increases own attack speed.

Directing his fury upon a single Enemy Guardian or Creature, Arathorn lands a powerful blow on a target within close range, causing 40/66/106/170 Ability Damage, while Arathorn gains 20%/30%/40%/50% Attack Speed for 5.0 seconds.  .  This Ability gains a moderate benefit from increased Ability Damage. 

Ranger's Strike

Arathorn ranger strike

Damages and slows enemies, Arathorn becomes stealthed.

Arathorn presses his Enemies with a blinding rush, striking Enemies within a Target Area for 130/180/270/400 Ability Damage and Slowing them for 3.5 seconds, reducing their Movement Speed by 25%.  As Arathorn completes the assault, he enters Stealth and becomes invisible to Enemies for 3.0 seconds, or until he attacks.  This Ability gains a moderate benefit from increased Ability Damage. 


Heir of Isildur

Wielding the might of a Dúnedain, Arathorn strikes Enemy Soldiers, Guardians and Creatures with a Critical Hit upon every 10th successful Basic Attack. He is also faster overall compared to other ranged attackers.